Medical Grade Furniture Built to Last. Durable Seats that Won't Tear, Puncture, or Crack.

When you combine our 25 years of healthcare furniture manufacturing experience with our incredible, patented IC Plus Upholstery™ , you get stunning medical chairs that simply don’t quit.

No tears, no punctures, and no cracks within the first 10 years.

We guarantee it.

A New Kind of Medical Grade Seating.

Frixion Anti-Slip Healthcare Fabric

Stools and chairs in hospitals and other clinical environments must be upholstered in coated fabrics that can be cleaned and disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants. Unfortunately, these coated fabrics are slippery, which reduces comfort and may lead to falls and injuries.

The solution is healtHcentric’s new Frixion Healthcare Fabric. It is the only healthcare fabric that can be called ergonomic in that it allows the user to stay firmly positioned in their seat. It also withstands hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants. Ideal for use in clinical areas of hospitals, clinics and labs.

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Aloe Series Healthcare Seating

Aloe, by healtHcentric, is a collection of healthcare seating for almost any environment. The series includes guest, patient, and hip seating as well as the most intuitive sleeper solution on the market. The guest series is completely modular and can be customized to fit into any waiting space.

The Aloe series is specifically designed to ensure ease of cleaning, offering an impressive array of infection prevention features. When coupled with our patented IC Plus Upholstery™, Aloe stands up to the tough hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants.  The perfect choice for high traffic areas!

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Aloe Patient Seating

Aloe Sleeper Club Chair

Designed to effortlessly convert from a chair into a bed and back again, the Aloe Sleeper Club provides comfort with an easy-to-use design.

A minimalist and intuitive design assures maximum durability and makes Aloe Sleeper Chairs easy to use, clean and maintain, a favorite with healthcare staff.

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Infection Prevention with IC Plus™ Technology

What if a single solution could make your healthcare chairs stronger, easier to clean, and more resistant to failures than ever?

IC Plus™, our patented coating technology, is an upholstery solution that does all of that and more. This one a kind upholstery is cleanable, durable, and is third-party certified by GREENGUARD® for low emissions, making it safe and convenient for staff and patients alike.

The end result? Healthcare-specific seating that can withstand the use of a hospital-grade cleaner but is also resistant to:

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Infection Prevention with IC Plus™ Technology
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Guest Seating
Available only in Canada.
HAG Capisco
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Laboratory Stools
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