A Longstanding Passion
for Health and Safety

ergoCentric Seating Systems was founded in 1990 specifically to manufacture ergonomic seating. Since then, the ergoCentric team has been continuously improving its seating systems and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best ergonomic seating in the world. Where other manufacturers’ “one size fits all” seating philosophies fall short, ergoCentric’s build-to-order, modular manufacturing process allows us fit 100% of the workforce.

Our focus on productivity and injury reduction is a natural fit for the healthcare industry, and early in its history ergoCentric began working with hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. The healthcare industry has a diverse and aging workforce and employees are asked to perform unique and demanding tasks. ergoCentric’s patented ergonomic features and high level of customizability meets the ergonomic requirements of the largest healthcare organizations.

A New Kind of
Medical Grade Seating

Behind the popularity of our IC Plus Upholstery™ , the healtHcentric brand was launched in 2012. healtHcentric is singularly focused on designing hygienic, cleanable healthcare furniture for clinical spaces. All too often, furniture is chosen based on aesthetics over function, and not enough thought is given to performance and cleanability. Unfortunately, these products often break down too quickly and require repair or replacement, costing hospitals valuable time and money. Driving value to our customers, the core of healtHcentric’s innovative designs are cleanability and durability.

Rising Upholstery Challenges

As ergoCentric became more entrenched in providing seating in healthcare environments, we began to see the emergence of some important challenges. Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) became more and more prominent. Hospitals began to use stronger and stronger disinfectants in order to kill the pathogens that cause HAIs, and those harsh disinfectants began to break down the furniture upholstery, which traditionally is vinyl. When the vinyl breaks down, the foam that is underneath is exposed and can become a harbor point for pathogens. Hospitals are then forced to replace their furniture more often, creating an economic burden.

Since its inception in 1990, ergoCentric has been using an extremely durable, puncture resistant polyurethane coating on our factory seating. This spray applied coating lasted years in the harshest environments, and an idea was born. Our unique, patented coating was re-fomulated for healthcare and branded as IC Plus™, which stands for Infection Control & Prevention and more. IC Plus Upholstery™ is the most durable, cleanable upholstery solution available on the market today.

IC Plus is a vinyl alternative, and has three key benefits. First, it can be cleaned with any hospital grade cleaner or disinfectant and won’t break down over time. Second, the unique IC Plus manufacturing process results in furniture that is completely seamless. When furniture is upholstered in vinyl, seams are created as part of the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, pathogens can live in these seams. Because IC Plus is seamless, it is impenetrable to pathogens and liquids. Lastly, it’s tested to be up to 10 times more durable than vinyl in puncture and tear tests. Because of this, ergoCentric offers an industry leading 10 year warranty against punctures, cracks, or tears.

A Customer-centric Approach

healtHcentric works closely with our customers to develop innovative products that make sense for the healthcare industry. Most furniture manufacturers use existing and common designs in their products. healtHcentric, however, consults with customers to develop innovative and practical solutions. For example, our Aloe Sleeper was developed at the request of and in collaboration with a large hospital system. Most sleeper chairs on the market utilize a large scissor-like mechanism which allows it to convert from a chair to a bed. This mechanism can be damaged and then is very difficult to operate, resulting in injuries to nursing staff. This led us to develop the Aloe Sleeper. With minimal mechanical parts, its intuitive design and easy handling means anyone can open and close it without instruction or assistance. Simple to clean, Aloe Sleeper Chairs are constructed from one solid piece of metal, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs. This type of customer collaboration has led to our success and our ability to deliver innovative, thoughtful products. Allow us the opportunity to collaborate with your facility today.